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Polémico beso lésbico entre la hija de Carlos Vives y una cantante [+Foto]

Hace dos días, la cantante Lauren Jauregui fue el centro de una batalla en Twitter entre sus sobreprotectoras fans y el periodista de farándula Perez Hilton, luego de que éste publicara en su página web una foto de la interprete de Fifth Harmony besando en la boca a una chica "desconocida".

Ahora la polémica imagen vuelve a resurgir en las redes sociales en Latinoamérica tras descubrirse que la otra protagonista es nada menos que la hija de Carlos Vives, Lucía.

En la imagen, fechada del viernes 11 de este mes, se ve a Jauregui con vestido rojo besando a Lucía en lo que parece ser la cabina de fotos en una boda.

Cabe destacar que ya se había especulado sobre una posible relación entre las dos jóvenes, pues en varias ocasiones publicaron mensajes cariñosos en sus respectivas redes sociales.

Sin embargo, los fans de Jauregui también la han vinculado sentimentalmente con su compañera en Fifth Harmony Camila Cabello.

i had trouble voicing a lot of my thoughts when i was little.. i thought a lot .. about all sorts of questions and nonsense.. i was afraid that not a lot of people thought like me.. or even more serious; that not a lot of people thought.. period. and so, i kept a lot of thoughts with me growing up.. i explored alll the questions and concerns about the universe and life as a phenomenon in my head.. and jotted them down in journals and compositions books.. Circa a decade ago, you sat in my religion class.. and you were one of the few people in that place that had their whole soul in their smile.. i could feel your aura emanating the strangest comfort and it never stopped.. it was fascinating... for the first time, i felt someone thought.... and i had to talk to you about everything, what about feelings, and emotions, what about metaphysics and energy, what about people and society, religion and violence, war and communism, money and love.. good , bad.. and music...you taught me so much about myself as i got to know you.. i grew with every word you spoke. you taught me compassion.. but not too much! you showed me what it meant to be there.. really be there for someone.. with honesty above all things.. and how important birthdays are.. and how if people remember and cherish the day you were born, you're somebody to them.. and you're by far, one of my favorite somebodies. thank you for existing & HAPPY FUCKING 20th BABY! i love you ❤️ #bathtubcouch

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I turned 20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina/ Porto Alegre, Brasil and never posted anything about it lol. I really have to somehow get better at the chronological thing but time really doesn't make sense to me much anymore. Especially being that somehow I'm 20 and I didn't even see that happen. I'm not sure if it quite means the same to me that it means to most people, being that I feel like adulthood hit me a while ago, but 20 for me is a sort of validation that I've lived a couple decades and I've completed 1/5 of 100 (this is how my brain works lol) and that's impressive to me. I'm so grateful for all of the people I've met, all of the things I've done, all of the memories I've made, all of the battles I've overcome and the places I've been. Here's to my 20s being a whole new path to the perspective. Here's to them being filled with laughter, and moments, and self love and growth. Here's to them teaching me even more about life and what I'm here to do. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday btw, I love you. And thank you to anyone who's stood by my side, taught me and will potentially teach me, it's been reeeeeal❤️ Enjoy a photo of my fav and I☺️

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@majorlazer cuz like yes

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