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¡Increíble! Mujer baja 100 libras luego de descubrir una infidelidad [+Fotos]

jueves 05/01/2017
12:12 PM
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Betsy Ayala sufrió de sobrepeso toda su vida. Durante 20 años peso entre 200 y 210 libras, eso le causó frustración. Después de que dio a luz a su hija en el 2013, Ayala alcanzó las 260 libras. En esa época a Ayala no le importaba su aspecto físico pues estaba luchando contra la depresión postparto y la ansiedad.

“Mi hermano me sugirió que tratara de comer mejor ”, dijo Ayala en exclusiva a la revista People. “Pero tuve a mi bebé y no tenía ánimos de cocinar, así que me enteré de los batidos de Herbalife y les di la oportunidad”.

Ayala perdió 30 libras cuando descubrió que su marido la estaba engañando. “En ese momento todo mi mundo se vino abajo”, dijo la mujer quien deseaba también ser un buen ejemplo para su hija. “Eso me llevó a hacer un cambio permanente en mi vida”.

Fue a principios del 2014 que Ayala comenzó a realizar cambios positivos en su dieta, hoy por hoy ha bajado 103 libras.

La dieta de Ayala es libre de soda, comida chatarra y alimentos procesados. Eso sí, se da su gusto una vez por semana y durante seis días se ejercita según informó People.

Happy Transformation Tuesday!!!!! So this is how I gained 100 lbs … Every week it was a birthday party or a function at work or a stressful day or thanksgiving or Christmas or my mom made my favorite food and so on and so on. So every week I would tell myself I’m starting on Monday and then I would and something would «happen» and I quit so I would say next Monday and I would eat everything under the sun because it was the last week of cheating and then it would happen all over again ? MY ADVICE: If you want to win this battle you are going to have to deal with all those situations and make a choice. I still enjoy the holidays and special occasions but now in moderation and I’m prepared for them. If you are waiting for New Years to make this «change» your will to change won’t be any different January 1st than it is today. DO IT NOW ?????? ———————————————— #21dayshakechallenge #changeyourlife #ownit #lightthematch #alwaysinpursuit #queenb #iamherbalife #iamofthislife #100lbs #fueledbyherbalife #watchme #orjoinme #livethelifeyoulove #lovethelifeyoulive #wellnesscocach #healthcoach #herbalife24 #fitness #fitchick #powerupfit #bestlifeever #dreams #fitspo #noexcuses #motivation #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #joinmyteam #beforeandafter

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Happy Transformation Tuesday !!!!! My bestie coach @bjerez1_24fit sent me this pic last night at our post xmas party about 7 years ago ? I was 27 in the left pic … I’m 34 now. During most of my twenties I was overweight and I used to hate going out and taking pictures. I would get anxious at the thought of finding something to wear and I would only want to take pics of my face from flattering angles which would explain why I have almost no pics for about a 10 year period. ? It truly isn’t about a size or a weight it’s about being comfortable in your own skin and feeling good about yourself for you. ————————————————- I would love to help mommies and girls looking to get in the best shape of their lives to join our 21 day challenge. Contact me or simply log on to my website ? ? ——————————————– The 21 Day Shake Challenge Includes: ———-?Personalized Meal Plan ?Home & Gym Workout Plan ?Grocery List ?One on one coaching and motivation group ——————————————– If you’re serious or curious about how to join the challenge, DM me or text/call ? 281-829-8459 ——————————————– #21DayShakeChallenge #PowerUpFit #PowerUpDance #followmyjourney #joinmyteam #Herbalife #herbalife24 #doitforyou #getfitnowaskmehow #results #impact #fitchick #girlswholift #inspiration #motivation #noexcuses #bestlifeever #consistency #fitness #fitspo #girlswholift #fitchick #fit #wellnesscoach #fueledbyherbalife #houston #katytx #houstonfitness #letsGOOOO

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Transformation Tuesday !!!! 3 years and 103 lbs later it’s crazy to look back and see all that has changed in my life. In the left pic I was unknowingly on the brink of the most difficult time of my life. At the time I couldn’t understand how my life would unfold and what it all meant but if there’s one thing I know for sure is I’M NO QUITTER ?? I know there are amazing things ahead as well as tough ones because that is life. What I also know is that I’ve survived all the tough times up until now and the future will be no different. The only way you figure that out is by facing life and fighting through life to be the best you for yourself, your kids etc. I pray that if you haven’t up until this point been successful at conquering those battles, this is your year of success and resilience. There is no greater feeling than standing on top of the mountain after the hardest climb of your life! ???????? ——————————————– #transformationtuesday #followmyjourney #joinmyteam #Herbalife #herbalife24 #doitforyou #transformation #beforeandafter #fitmom #fitchick #girlswholift #inspiration #motivation #weightloss #bestlifeever #momswholift #fitness #fitspo #girlswholift #fitchick #mommymakeover #wellnesscoach #fueledbyherbalife #beforeandafter

Una foto publicada por Betsy Ayala ⬇️ 103 Lbs (@queen_b_b) el